New Season, New Faces, New Sponsors


Sunday, September 17th, 2023 - The anticipation in the air was palpable as the Burlington Men's Hockey League gathered for its annual draft, marking the beginning of yet another thrilling season of hockey. The draft, a time-honored tradition, was held with great excitement as teams chose 14 players, a mix of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers. But this year, there was more than just new talent on the horizon—there were also new sponsors and team captains to add an extra layer of excitement to the league.

A Fresh Start

The 2023/24 Burlington Men's League Draft took place with players eager to see how their teams would shape up for the upcoming season. With a blend of returning players and fresh faces, each team aimed to build a roster capable of hoisting the coveted KAP Cup at season's end.

New Sponsors, New Allure

One of the most significant changes this season is the arrival of new sponsors, bringing fresh energy and support to the league. These sponsors not only enhance the league's financial stability but also create a sense of community by fostering connections between local businesses and the hockey-loving populace.

Here are the proud sponsors for the 2023/24 season:

Yellow Team - Sponsored by J and G Quality Meats, and managed by Chris Falco.


 Black Team - Sponsored by, with Chase Dobbie at the helm.

Green Team - Sponsored by FP Fitness, co-managed by Brendan Mackay and Jake Shields.

Blue Team - Sponsored by Nickel Brook Brewing Co., led by Jamie Meyer.

Red Team - Sponsored by Gas Line Installers, managed by John Kolic.

White Team - Sponsored by Krown Rust Control, under the guidance of Gino Deluca.

These partnerships promise exciting collaborations both on and off the ice, showcasing the strong bond between the Burlington Men's Hockey League and the local community.

The Season Ahead

With the draft concluded and team rosters set, the Burlington Men's League is gearing up for another action-packed season. The first puck drop is scheduled for Friday, September 22nd.

For more information on each team please click here.